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Frequently Asked 


How do I know when I need new shoes?

Typically, it's best to switch out your shoes every 300-500 miles. It will depend on for what, how often, and in what conditions you use them. Some other signs it might be time to get a new pair: noticeable wear, shin splints, foot pain, bodily aches. Rotating between two pairs of shoes will extend each's lifespan and has been recommended to prevent injury. Getting rid of used shoes? Consider dropping them in our donation bin!


I'm looking for a specific model/brand/size/width/color. Do you have it?

Possibly...stop by! We'll check for you and also bring out comparable models to exhaust your options. If you've got a chaotic week, simply give us a call, and we'll check if it's in stock.


How will you recommend a shoe for me?

We'll ask you questions, watch you walk, and look at the wear on your old/current shoes. (Bring them in, if you can!) There are many things we take into consideration. We also have a treadmill you can use to test drive as many pairs as you want while we analyze your gait.

Help! I have blisters!

If you just got a new pair of shoes, you might have an initial blister or two. Don't let them get out of hand; treat it right away so you won't compensate by adjusting your form or foot strike. We will let you know how to best go about treating it based on the severity/location. We also have blister care products. Quality, sweat-wicking socks help prevent blisters altogether, so we highly recommend making sure you don't overlook what you put on before the shoe. We can talk socks all day.

Will new insoles extend the lifespan of my shoes?

The insoles we have in store can be extremely beneficial to runners/walkers/standers (with or without foot pain) by providing support, comfort, and stability. That being said, the life of the shoe is dependent on the age/wear/quality of the shoe itself. Remember to record the date you begin using your new shoes, and refer to our first question and answer!


Do you have racing spikes? What about trail running shoes?

Yes to both! Ask about our current selections.


What do you sell besides shoes?

Socks, compression sleeves, insoles, apparel, fuel, GPS (and non GPS) watches, sunglasses, blister care, sticks, foam rollers, various accessories, and a lot more!

Have another question? Get in touch with us here.

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